Tuesday, August 13, 2013

codingalldayallnight said: Your typing on Sherlock is wrong. Thinking out loud(talking to his skull) is not something INTP's do, also, the first episode, he was trying to follow a cab, obvious use of Ni as it was closed-eyes, inner world, imaginery that led him in the direction he was trying to get to. A traversing of time, not an explosion of possibilities, he knew where he wanted to go and followed his intuition. Also, INTJ's like to play the risky games to show they are clever. INTP's take their time when thinking.

See, this here just makes me really question your understanding of MBTI. The functions are supposed to describe a preference, the type is an overall pattern, not ironclad behavior. Sherlock’s one use of inner-imagery does not negate all the many, many other times he uses inner-logic (Ti) and especially his own logical theory (The Science of Deduction). 

I would really like to know where you are getting this “INTP’s don’t talk out loud” and “INTJ’s like to play risky games to show they are clever” and preferably with an explanation using functions. INTJ’s, with extraverted-sensing as their inferior, can actually be quite risk adverse especially when it comes to matters of their physical environment. (Like Mycroft, who hates legwork.)


  1. kronman said: Mhm, my INTJ husband is notorious for having “minions” instead of “friends.” He very much identifies with Mycroft in terms of tendencies rather than Sherlock.
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